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Using infographics in education

Infographics are representations of information or data in a graphic format designed to make that information easier to understand.
Human brain is divided in two halves –the left brain and right brain. Left brain works logically and analytically whereas Right brain works on creativity. If we convert information in graphics creatively, it is easily understood and retained by students as more of right brain is regulated.

Click the picture below to see fabulous animated infographic that explains the 13 reasons why your brain craves infographics

There are lot of free online tools available for creating info-graphics which can be used . Snappa – My favouriteVenngagePiktochartEasellyInfogramCheck few infographics made by me

Recent posts

Learn to Unlearn

Dear educators It is very important for us to change with changing times.Check this interesting and thought provoking article " Learn to Unlearn" from "The Hindu" newspaper
Please go through this extract first

A few years ago, I had an opportunity to interact with a group of school teachers. A few had over 25 years, some over 10 years, and the rest had 5-10 years of experience. When I asked them, “Do you teach various subjects (courses) the way you were taught by your teachers about 20 years, 10 years or five years ago?”, some nodded their heads and gave an affirmative answer.
Click here  to read entire article 

Background removal from picture

Hello friends

I regularly make PowerPoint presentations related to my subject and also for workshops I take .
I faced problem inserting images with colored backgrounds as backgrounds are visible if I am putting that picture on another picture.
Check the example below

Check this video below to learn that how easily you can we remove background from pictures using Power Point.

How to record computer screen

Hello friends
If you want to make tutorial videos by recording your computer screen, it is very easy .This is called as Screencasting. This enables you to record what is happening on your monitor with or without audio narration. There are lot of free software available online like 1.       LightShot 2.       Web Pagescreen Capture 3.       Snaplr 4.       Screenr 5.       Screencast-O-Matic 6.       MicrosoftExpression Encoder etc.
I have tried most of them but I really like MicrosoftExpression Encoder the most. Check this tutorial video.

Click link below to download this software CLICK HERE

I will soon post my tutorial video made using this software.
Do share your feedback or queries. Happy Screencasting !!!!

Solving pen drive issues

Hello everyone 
We all use pen drive to save our files or carry it with files to be shown on some other computer.
Lately I was facing a typical problem with my pen drive.
 When I insert this pen drive in any computer, it shows the occupying space. But when I open it .it shows it is empty. I have very important data in that and had to recover that data. Thank fully, I found solution on you tube and fixed my pen drive. Very easy method. Watch this video

Finding solution , easy now a days

We all face some or the other problem working on our PCs ,  Laptops ,phone or any other gadgets
Some times we are struck when we get some error message while opening some internet page .
But thanks to Internet itself which has a rich collection of people who make videos of how to solve that problem .
So no  need to wait for some expert to come to you or taking your gadget to the expert.
You can save your precious time and money and do troubleshooting yourself by watching video and following those steps.

Recently while opening one webpage , I was getting  this error message again and again
Error message looked like this

I searched for this problem on you tube and found a video explaining the method to resolve this problem
Check this video 

I followed the steps mentioned and my problem is resolved . Not to mention , I am not a computer engineer .
So ,do not be afraid of trying .  If solving something on your own doesn't work . We can always go to expert then .

Free music for your videos

Many a times ,I spent lot of time searching for good music for my video (whether personal or educational ). Very important thing to be kept in mind is the Copyright issues . I can not use some music because of copyright problems or permissions required .

I found a very good link to video describing hassle free steps to get good music from You Tube without any Copyright issues .Thanks to Mickey McFetridge  for this video